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You: Are an artisan, maker, or craftsperson. You make cool stuff. You’ve (somehow) grown it into this big thing that pays your bills, you’ve got a few people who help you, it seems like you’re living the dream but… You now you have more to do than time to do it, and more to outsource than money to pay for it, and something has to change.

What you want: To get the thing you’re passionate about making out into the world without having to either do or manage every piece of the process. You want to stay creative, while other people handle a lot of the doing. You want to keep your passion. You want the business to grow, but you don’t want to lose touch with your craft along the way. You’re not a CEO. You’re a creator.

How we do it: In one 90 minute session, we’ll dive deep into your business and all of the potential avenues for you to scale - every possibility. We’ll work through my framework to dig deep and figure out your unique strategy. We’ll lay out the basic map for your future growth, the essentials of a marketing plan, and give you a concrete direction to follow.

Investment: $500, with a 100% no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

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You: Have “Set your direction.” Now you want a more concrete plan - and you don’t want to spend 12 months to figure it all out. You just need the steps to take, the products to create, the people to hire, the marketing methods to use, and you’ll go out and take massive action and build your empire. You need a strategist.

How we do it: You + me + 5 super intense days = a complete strategic growth plan for your business. We’ll go over your mindset, discover your zone of genius, develop your ideal customer profile, create a complete customer journey from first click to high-end, map out your marketing, and bring it all together into one cohesive strategic plan that includes . . .

  • Who to hire, and where to find them

  • Your systems, software, and automation

  • Goals, metrics, and timelines

  • Your products, including pricing and sales strategy

  • A fully customized marketing and positioning plan for both your business, and your personal brand

Investment: $5000, minus $500 credit for the Scaling Strategy Session. Guaranteed to recoup your investment or we do it again.

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You: Have completed the “Plot your course” intensive with me and want ongoing support to implement our plan, and a community of like-minded makers who understand business at your level.

How we do it: This is a high-level mentoring program for serious makers only. We will meet frequently, get actionable advice, and make massive progress. It is by invitation only.

Investment: By invitation only.

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