An old Apple computer sits in front of wood paneling, with the words "GAME OVER" on the screen.

Hello, world.

Feb 01, 2024

Those two words have changed the world more than any that came before it, or any since.

Hello, world.

Us dinosaurs of the internet, the Oregon Trail generation of entrepreneurs, the bold and brave nerds among us who opened up an HTML file on a behemoth of an underpowered desktop computer 20+ years ago and, between the glow of a WinAmp equalizer and our updated AIM status, we typed those words.

<p>Hello, world.</p>

A few clunky clicks and keystrokes later and there it was - our first home on the internet.

It was new. It was exciting. It was uncharted territory. It was probably a free Angelfire website, but we'll be damned if we weren't going to make the most of it.

Those two words meant so much.

We knew the world wasn't going to see them, but it was what they represented - the possibility that indeed, if they found it, the world could see our words - that captured an entire generation's attention.

Here I sit, a quarter of a century later, typing the same poignant words.

So much has changed, but these words still mean the same.

Hello, world.

I'm here.

If you can find me, the world can see my words.

And yet this time, it carries a new energy.

I don't hope people find my words. I dare them. Because now, I've got shit to say.

 - Cheryl