You make cool shit. People are buying it.
Now your life is insane.

learn to scale and
regain your sanity.



hold on.

Before you go crazy getting new customers with the latest social media, SEo, whatever trend . . .

you need to get your shit together.

First off, you’re spending 10-20% more than you need to be on expenses. Yes, I know this. Unless you’re a unicorn, it happens to everyone.

Second, you’re making 50-70% of what you could be making from your current orders. Yes, I also know this. Your buying experience hasn’t been optimized. You’re leaving money on the table every single day.

Third, you’re losing 80% of what your customers could be spending by not effectively marketing to your past customers. Yes, I know this, too. At your stage, reorders are more important than new orders.

Fourth, you’re losing 10-20% of your total sales to abandoned carts. Everyone does this. It isn’t hard to fix.

And fifth, you’re killing yourself for it all by doing a bunch of low-level work that the FOUNDER of a brand like yours doesn’t need to be doing. But you don’t know how to stop, right? You don’t know how to slow down without letting everything fall apart. If you drop the ball, the whole thing burns down, and you have no idea how to fix that.

That’s the bad news.

You don't just need to get a software tool or hire a person or two, you need a real strategic plan on who to hire, what to automate, what to eliminate, and a consistent way to bring new customers into your business and get them buying - again and again and again.

I help successful craftspeople, artisans, and makers to leverage their products and personal brands into an empire that gives them the income, impact, and lifestyle they want.

Coming from over a decade of experience working with multi-million dollar entrepreneurs, learning from some of the world's leading experts and brand builders, my goal is to give you the support, the motivation, the tools, and the strategy you need to stop the grind and successfully scale your craft into a solid business - YOUR way.

I only give personalized guidance based on your unique situation. No recycled info-products or “copy what I did” crap, just deep, intensive, strategic transformation.


end the struggle

Today, you are: Burned out, stressed out, overwhelmed, confused about the next steps and chasing shiny objects. Your business is "successful", but you have no life. You have a few people on your team, but you know you're not making full use of them. You have to keep doing the thing while also somehow running the business, and let's face it, you're a little out of your depth on that last part.

New products. New website. New shopping cart. Instagram. YouTube. Etsy. eBay? Shopify! Oh and you just have to have an email list...Something else? Or nothing at all. Maybe close the business down. Maybe get a job. Because this is hard. Too hard.

You could be: A business owner, with a team who supports your craft and helps to promote, create, and deliver your things to the world. You own a scaled, leveraged business that gives you the income and lifestyle you want with the impact you hoped for; a lifestyle that feels whole and balanced and calm; and a solid plan for the future.

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