Baby Gourmet Review + Coupon Code!

organic baby food review baby gourmet

Just because we’re a business blog doesn’t mean we don’t get to do some neato reviews around here… And this is one of them!

Awhile ago I was sent a sample pack of Baby Gourmet.

Now, I have to be clear – we don’t actually use babyfood in our home.

We practice what is called Baby Led Weaning – which is really just skipping purees, and giving (safe, baby sized portions of) what we already eat. However, anyone who has practiced BLW will know that everyone wants to “feed the baby” – and there are some days when you’re just not eating the right things to feed your child the same food. So every time someone wanted to feed the baby, or we decided to have peanut butter sandwiches and beer for dinner (LOL), we used Baby Gourmet.

One of the main reasons we chose to practice BLW instead of jarred baby food was because of the additives, preservatives and flavourings in the usual baby food. And of course we’ve all seen that ridiculous Baby Bullet commercial talking about the work of pureeing everything… Running two businesses out of the same household, I just don’t have the time or the energy to make it all myself.

Baby Gourmet solves both of those problems!

Isabella just loved it, every time. By the time she was 8 months she could devour a whole package! And the packages are great, too. Squeezable with a baby-mouth-sized-spout – so you don’t really need a spoon. We used one because I kind of sucked at getting all of the food from the spout into her mouth, but that was more likely a user-error than a packaging flaw.

They make big promises too – like saying that even grownups will like it. I’ve even heard of people using them as bases for smoothies! (Yikes!) – Since I would never do that with traditional baby food, I was a bit nervous to taste this stuff, but I had to taste it before I gave it to Isabella.

I gotta say – Old Fashioned Apple Crisp was my fav! I actually like it. Not “I’m writing this review so I’ll say I liked it because it was free” – I actually would eat that again. I’m having a craving for it as I type this. I could almost heat it up and eat the pouch myself, if I wouldn’t feel totally guilty taking food from my daughter (and watching the heartbreaking look on her face, because she loves this stuff too!)

There wasn’t a single flavour she didn’t like… Not a flaw in the packaging we could find… And the ingredient list read like a shopping list for the farmers market. That’s something I can get behind!

And as an added bonus, I don’t even have to buy it online. I can buy it at the grocery store. For the first time, I’ve found a crunchy-mom product I like that is actually in a local retail store. WAHOO!

Want a deal?

If you want to try Baby Gourmet, you should like them on Facebook. Right now they’re celebrating 2000 “likes” with a coupon code that gives you not only free shipping, but 15-35% off all orders! But I’m not going to give it away here, you have to Like them on Facebook to get the code!

You can also Follow them on Twitter, and Visit their Website!

We don’t often do reviews here. And when we do, it is only for products by mompreneurs and only for products we would actually go out and buy ourselves. This is one of those products. Hope you enjoy!

Wean Green Review!

I posted the other day about being crunchy on the go, and how hard it can be to keep up with your crunchy ways when on the run. And of course, conveniently as I’m about to write this review, I see a commercial for “the baby bullet”. The gimmick is that you can “make a week’s worth of organic baby food in under 5 minutes, for under $3.” It supposedly even teaches you what to feed, and when to feed it. *rolleyes*

ANYway, awhile ago I received a fantastic product to review – Wean Green eco-friendly baby food containers.

To be fair, we did start out feeding baby with cereal and purees a little bit – but that got old pretty quickly. Now we practice baby-led weaning. Instead of pureeing everything, we give her appropriate shaped foods that she can eat on her own. For example, this morning she had toast fingers and honeydew melon for breakfast (whole wheat toast of course, with butter!)

We’re lucky – our family has no history of food allergies, so we watched for any mild reactions but haven’t had to be too careful with foods like wheat and dairy. In fact, our little girl loves yogurt!

And we *love* the wean green cubes. Love them.

When we were pureeing everything, they made it easy to not only store the food in the refrigerator, but also to take it with you on the go, and feed baby directly out of.

And now that we’re not pureeing everything, they make the perfect sized containers to bring steamed carrots, apple slices, green beans, or other baby-led weaning friendly foods on the go!

Being made of glass they are obviously BPA free, and the lids secure nicely to be completely leak-proof (seriously, I tested!)

They are oven, microwave, fridge, freezer, and dishwasher safe (keep the lids out of the microwave & oven obviously). They have measuring lines to help you keep track of how much you’re making, storing, and feeding your little one.

Whether we’re mashing banana like the good old days, or packing animal crackers for Grandma’s house, the Wean Green Cubes are the idea baby food containers.

And the best part? No need to buy that gross processed babyfood to get these containers, either!

Of course, they’re also a Canadian-mommy owned company, which just makes them that much more awesome. If you’d like to pick up some of your own wean-green cubes, just click here!

Kawaii Diaper Covers Review!

Okay, so it is time for the much-awaited Kawaii Diaper Cover review!

Now, I’m going to admit something here that may tarnish my “crunchy” reputation… But what is this blog about if it isn’t the struggles of a real life crunchy momma (or at least, a wannabe?)

I don’t use cloth anymore. *sigh*

I tried… Honestly I did – and I gave it a valiant effort. We pretty much did cloth until Izzy started eating solids and “rinsing” would be involved… Then it got to be too much.

You’ll have to forgive me – but when you’re running two businesses out of a household, still doing all the housework yourself, and you’ve got a teething 6 month old – rinsing poopy diapers isn’t high on your priority list. I kept trying, but the diaper laundry kept piling up…

Add to that the fact that we couldn’t find a cloth diaper that could survive baby’s overnight heavy wetting, we ended up using disposable while we were out because we were *always* gone too long to go without at least 2 diaper changes, and you end up with one cloth diaper depressed momma.

Don’t get me wrong though – I *loved* cloth.

For that 6 month period when we spent a lot of time at home, her poop didn’t need to be rinsed, and my life wasn’t too hectic to even be able to wash my socks let alone a load of diapers, those cloth diapers were a lifesaver.

And I have to admit, with all of my hand-me down diapers, prefolds, fitteds, and everything – there were two stand-out components of my stash. ComfyRumps (of course, they’re the bomb!) and – Kawaii Diaper Covers.

Everyone swears by her AIOs as well, though I can’t comment because I haven’t tried them yet. I do have one upstairs for a giveaway though (more about that later!)

As for the review… 4.5 stars!

It would have been a full 5, but there were a couple minor probs (although they were probably completely my fault…)

First, there was some wicking of the trim around the legs – I ended up with a few wet outfits from that, but mostly PJs as that was an overnight diaper problem (when the insert was just too wet, sometimes the trim wicked moisture through the covers.)

And second, after heavy use for 6 months I started to notice some slight fraying on the trim around the legs. And by slight, I mean I wouldn’t have even noticed if I hadn’t been looking closely. And I’d been washing the covers with aplix fitted diapers that don’t have wash tabs – in other words, they’d gone through dozens of loads of laundry with a bunch of unprotected velcro, and some slight fraying is the *only* thing I noticed.

Basically, writing this about these covers is almost enough to make me want to try again. Use these covers, my AIOs, double up on inserts and try Bummi’s liners to deal with the “no rinsing” issue.

Yes, these covers make me want to try again.

I’ll probably still use our seventh generation disposables for overnight, at least for awhile. They aren’t that expensive, they’re completely chlorine and petroleum product free, and they make me feel good because I’m supporting a company that is trying to make a difference (not just Seventh Gen, but the store we purchase them from as well. It is a small, independent local shop that sells all things organic and earth friendly, run by an awesome lady. If you’re ever in Chilliwack, BC Canada, visit All Things Being Eco!)

So all in all, I’d wholeheartedly recommend Kawaii Diaper Covers. And if you’re up for it, maybe you could WIN one of their AIO diapers!

How? Well, there are a few ways to get an entry…

*Required : Visit the Kawaii Diapers website, and post what your favourite item is in the comments below.
Additional Entries (comment in the post below for each entry):
1. “Like” Kawaii Diapers on Facebook (link is on their homepage)
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Number 5 is on the honour system, I’m trusting you guys! Post for each entry in the comments below and a random number generator will select the winner next Thursday! Good luck!

Lovable Labels Review – And Giveaway!!

Okay, listen closely everyone, because you’re about to get the chance to get the CUTEST kid-friendly (and mom-saving) product I think I’ve ever come across.

Say hello to the Lovable Labels Camp Pack!

I will admit to actually squealing out loud when I opened this package on Friday! Not only is it totally adorable (seriously, I’ll show you pictures in a second) but it is SO functional that my type-A personality fell in love immediately.

And the Camp Pack is so beyond functional – it includes every single type of label you would *ever* need to send your child to camp, AND they throw in cute bonuses like a packing list, and hubbster’s favourite part of the whole package (which I’ll show you in a minute.)

I guess this is a big moment, though. Why?

Because right now, I’m going to reveal flufflmonster’s name.

Yes, Gazelle and the other ladies over at LovableLabels were kind enough to even personalize this package for me and fluffy. So, without any further adieu, I’ll show you all of the labels that come with the camp pack – and our little baby girl’s name!

Say hello to…

Isabella (Lynn Violet) W.

… and her Camp Pack Stickers!

These stickers are great. Not only are they totally adorable (and you can personalize them – this is the “Diva Pack!”), but they’re large enough to be seen on book spines, water bottles, even cell phones. Durable, too. And they’ll stick to ANYTHING. See?

Ha ha sorry, I just had to. ANYway…

Next are the slimline labels, which I think are perfect for some school supplies and things like Tupperware in your lunch box. Because yes, these (along with the Sticker labels, Allergy Alert, Think Pink, Square, and all Household labels) are DISHWASHER AND MICROWAVE SAFE.

Can you say MOM WIN?

And the shoe labels…

And the clothing dots rock! No ironing required, like most clothing labels. Just peel and stick these babies onto tag or care label, or the lining inside windbreakers, snowpants, jackets… And they’re totally machine washable. Hello! MOM WIN! And you get three sheets of them in the camp pack, too!

Then the square labels, which could be used for a multitude of things – I’m thinking larger things though, like lunch boxes, sports equipment, etc. Totally adorable :

And of course, hubbster’s favourite part of the whole camp pack – the dog tags. He’s ex-military, so the very idea of his daughter having her own adorable little dog tags made him squeal like a girl. Yes, LIKE A GIRL.

So ladies… Thinking they’re cute? Thinking you absolutely MUST get some of your own? Well, you could go over to and buy a Camp Pack for your little one (which I completely recommend doing by the way!) – or you could stay here, and see if you’re the lucky winner of our giveaway!

There are plenty of ways you can enter. The mandatory entry?

You MUST retweet this giveaway! Just use the #LovableLabels hashtag, and tweet this :

“@crunchybusiness – I just entered the #LovableLabels giveaway at ! Please RT!”

Then come back here and comment, letting me know that you’ve tweeted! One week from today (next Monday) I’ll randomly choose a comment to win! Be sure to include your email address, so I can get in touch!

Optional entries (come back here and comment when you’re done!):

Visit the LovableLabels site, and tell me which product of theirs is your favourite!

Follow LovableLabels on Twitter!

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Visit and subscribe to the LovableLabels Blog!

Subscribe to my RSS feed!

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Good luck ladies!

Something special on Monday!

I am so sick today I can hardly think, and tonight, I’m starting “the big reinstall” – taking 4 years worth of data and migrating it over to Windows Vista. So I’m going to be a little bit MIA the rest of the day and over the weekend.

But on Monday, I have something *very* special for you!

I was recently asked to do a review and giveaway for one of the cutest products available, from a Canadian company no less! (Hey, I have to support my fellow country-women!)

I just got the product in the mail yesterday, and I actually SQUEALED when I saw it. Seriously. Even hubbster got excited, he thinks its absolutely adorable!

AND as part of the review, one lucky blog reader will get their very own version of this product – completely customized for them – completely and totally free!!

Trust me gals (and guys, if you’re out there reading this!) – you won’t want to miss this giveaway!

Alright, I’m off to drink some ginger-lemon tea to soothe my aching throat, and watch some daytime TV to soothe my aching brain.

Be on the lookout for my post on Monday!

My experience with Demand Studios…

In one of my posts awhile back, I talked about Demand Studios. It is a website that you can apply to join (for free of course) and if you get approved, you can write articles for them for around $10 each.

Terrible pay by most standards for a professional writer, but it looked like a half decent way to fill gaps in my schedule and make some extra cash – instead of just twittering them away, or spending those gaps in Farmville.

And I promised I’d let you all know how it went after I got approved.

Well, lets just say I don’t know how my experience would have gone if I had kept going – but the first 10 minutes were ridiculous, so I gave up.

See, an average freelance writer can write a 500 word article with little research in about 30 minutes. Sometimes you can go faster, but that is a good estimate to use once you get good at writing articles. Newer writers, that same article is already taking you an hour or two, which could bring your hourly wage below the poverty line if you use Demand Studios as it is. ANYway…

I assumed, going in, that I could find articles that are somewhat related to topics I know, write about them for an hour or two during my spare time, and make some quick cash during what would have otherwise been a wasted afternoon.

But one quick look at their article assignments told me I was sorely, sorely mistaken.

They could have been asking for articles on nuclear physics, with the amount of research needed to write on most of these topics. How to change a fan belt on a 1999 volkswagon jetta? Really? (And I’m not exaggerating, there really were article titles like that…)

And not only did most of the article titles in there require research, but they had a list of specific sites you could go to and do the research. If you used an “unapproved” site, you would be banned. And they wanted properly cited, MLA style references (many of you will remember MLA style referencing from highschool and college) with links to verify every. single. fact. in your articles.

So my 30 minute, easy peasy $10 article just turned into at least an hour with research.

Then, reading more reviews of Demand Studios, I learned that “Demand” was a good name for them. Apparently (although I never experienced this myself, since I never submitted any articles…) the editors are unreasonable, at best. On a bad day, they’ll ban you for a typo.

My advice to mommies who want to write from home and make a living? If you like doing research, and don’t mind making less than minimum wage, give Demand Studios a try.

If you really want to make a living at it, you’re probably better off joining a site like, where you can bid on writing jobs in your area of expertise (yes, being a mom IS an area of expertise!) and get paid the same day, most times.

At least with those particular projects, you can sometimes find good paying people who will have an ongoing need for writers. If you do a good job for them the first time, chances are they will hire you again and again – and now you have a client who brings you work all the time, for a decent rate of pay.

Writer Momma Out!

Review – No Cry Sleep Solution

So, I did get finished reading this book over the last week (yay!) so as promised, I’ve reviewed it for everyone to see.

Now, I could have waited to read this book until I actually *need* to – you know, when baby is crying constantly, wakingup every half hour to be nursed, and hubbster and I are 5 minutes from divorce. I could have read it then – but I thought it would be best to read it now, even if I forget most of it, because it will be faster to read when that moment does come.

At least, that is what I thought *before* I picked up the book. Now I realize, I’m very glad I picked up the book ahead of time. Because Elizabeth Pantley (the author) included some valuable tips that are good to know NOW – not later.

Like the suckling to sleep reflex, for example. Did you know that whatever baby is doing when they fall asleep, they’ll start thinking that they can ONLY fall asleep if they’re doing that particular thing? Like nursing, using a pacifier, drinking a bottle, being rocked in mommy’s arms, etc.

Which means that when they wake up in the middle of the night, they may end up crying out to be nursed/rocked/whatever – not because they need it, not because they’re hungry, but because they don’t think they can fall asleep otherwise?

So lesson #1 I got from this book – don’t let those habits START. Don’t nurse baby to sleep. Nurse baby to sleep-y, then put her down and let her fall asleep on her own. Then, when she wakes up in the night, she’ll only get my attention if she actually is lonely or needs to eat, not just because she doesn’t know what else to do.

There were lots of other things in there for newborns, like keeping the daytime sleep environment and the nighttime sleep environment different, so baby doesn’t think they’re just having a nap, etc.

Apparently, there are lots of things you can do BEFORE you start “sleep training” that will help baby fall asleep on her own faster and easier, well past the 4 month mark.

And of course, the book is absolutely full of tips for what to do when the under-4-month techniques didn’t work. What to do when your 6 month old wakes up every hour for nursing/rocking/crying/whatever, and how to get them back to sleep without EITHER of you crying.

There are even tips on how to break the “suckling-to-sleep” cycle (where baby needs a paci, boob or bottle to fall back asleep) if it does end up happening.

One of my favorite things… Is that she understands parents can’t be perfect. She KNOWS that sometimes baby is going to fall asleep in your arms, and that is OK. Enjoy the moment, she says. Just remember that next time it is time for baby to sleep or nap, it is back to the usual routine. Basically, just don’t do it all the time.

So, my overall advice? BUY THIS BOOK. Newly pregnant, new mommy, mom of a baby – buy this book. Read it cover to cover, try it out, and then read it again.

She also has put out “The No Cry Nap Solution” and “The No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers” – for mommas who might be interested. I haven’t read those yet, since I’m nowhere near toddler stage – but I will some day.

Does anyone here have a great book they found about sleep for babies? Share with us!

What's Coming Up…

So, partially to keep you all informed, and partially to write everything down and keep my sanity, I’m going to write down some of the events coming up in the next month that myself and CrunchyBusiness is involved in!

So here it goes :

  • First, the ComfyRumps launch sale started yesterday, and ends at midnight Pacific on April 28th. Use the coupon code TWITTER2010 for 10% off!
  • The CrunchyBusiness Interview Series will be kicking off this Friday, and running for at least a week. If you’d like to be interviewed, let me know!
  • Early May, I’ll be doing a giveaway for Lovable Labels!
  • I’ve become a sponsor of The Month of Fluff, giving diapers away to @mrstrophywife1 ‘s readers!
  • I’ll be reviewing Elizabeth Pantley’s “The No Cry Sleep Solution” on Thursday, since I did actually finish reading it on time!
  • I’m seeking to trade guest posts on the blog for mid-May on your experiences with cloth diapering. I’ll return the favor with a guest-blog post for your blog on any topic your readers might like (I can give ideas.) Contact me if you’re up for doing a guest post swap!

That’s all for now! If you have a product you’d like me to review or give away, you’d like to be interviewed, or you’d like to trade blog posts, get in touch with me either via Twitter @crunchybusiness or by clicking here!