About Me

I’m Cheryl Woodhouse: they/their/them. Business coach, operations expert, WordPress developer, software consultant, data analyst, writer, aspiring software engineer, trail runner, traveler, and person of many, many other interests (from crochet to food equality and beyond.)

You could say I’m a multipotentialite.

I’ve been a writer since the age of 16, and my work as a business and success coach has had me featured in several blogs and magazines related to marketing, business, and success.

I first learned HTML at age 12, designed in WordPress for several years while copywriting and working as a business and success coach, mentor, and consultant, and more recently explored my operational side and data analysis. I also have a certification in Sports Nutrition, which is completely unrelated to all of those other things.

I blog here about my adventures in learning things, helping businesses streamline their client acquisition and support through operations and software, and occasionally unicorns and t-rex gifs. Because until I can upload my consciousness to the cloud, I’m still human.

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