Who am I?

Well, I’m Cheryl Woodhouse. The author of this blog and contributor to many others. I’m a Marketing & Communications Support Coordinator at an alternative education school, mom, wife, runner, serial entrepreneur, huge nerd, daily reader at ProductHunt and Hacker News, and Pinner of many ambitious projects I’ll never complete.

My work has been featured on a bunch of blogs, magazines, podcasts, and other channels over the years.

Want to learn a few interesting things about me?

1 – I started my first business at 16 as a freelance writer. I’ve started probably a dozen projects and a handful of businesses. Some were successful, some were not, some just got boring. I’ll never stop starting something new.

2 – Our family “unschools”. Google it. Fascinating. SelfDesign supports us. Google that too.

3 – I’m a certified Master Law of Attraction Coach. I am also certified to sell mutual funds. I don’t use either certificate often in my work anymore.

4 – I live in an RV and travel North America full time with my partner, dog, and 3 kids. And yes, we blog about it.

5 – I have an almost infinite number of hobbies. From running to crochet, cooking and reading and writing and learning to play guitar, I am positively addicted to learning and mastering new things.

6 – I know, in the deepest, darkest recesses of my soul, that I am here to build something bigger than I am. To create a legacy that provides change and positivity and a bright spot in this world. To support the work of other entrepreneurs and messengers so that they can help people become the best versions of themselves.

If you are an entrepreneur or messenger who needs support to realize your vision, reach out.