Learning web development: current status.

I first started learning to code (if you can call it that) from a book about FrontPage when I was 12 years old. I learned how to hand-code HTML.

In the years after, I built a few websites by hand, mostly using tables (remember tables?!?) to structure the pages. Then moved on to WordPress for faster development just a few months after it was released. Well, I should say, I started playing with WordPress as a blogging platform a few months after it was released. As it grew, so did I, and I’ve built dozens upon dozens of WordPress websites over the years, each increasing in complexity.

But I never actually learned to code.

I learned enough CSS, JS and PHP to be dangerous – to fumble around, fix things, tweak things, break things… But never enough to actually build anything from scratch, and certainly not to do it for money.

About 18 months ago, I decided to change that, and someone told me to take CS50 through edX. Which I started. And then dropped out of. Because it was demotivating to see how long until I could actually apply what I was learning.

Enter my brilliant software idea in the late hours of January, 2019, while hanging out in Southern California for the winter. A few conversations later, and I was knee-deep in a WordPress Development course on Udemy, watching YouTube videos until my bandwidth slowed to a crawl, and playing with Bootstrap in VS Code “for fun”.

So here’s what I’m up to right now:

  • Finishing the Become a WordPress Developer course on Udemy to shore up my WordPress skills by adding more complex CSS, JS, PHP, custom post types, and WP REST API
  • Studying crash-course style videos on CSS, JS, PHP, and SQL on YouTube
  • Playing on Grasshopper in my spare time to learn more JS
  • Staring, longingly, at my empty GitHub
  • Custom-building a WordPress theme for my new project, Tactile
  • Trying not to get distracted by Python (or React.js, or Node.js, or Angular, or…)
  • Puttering around on
  • Joining way too many Facebook groups and newsletter lists for women in tech
  • Dreaming of 1000 projects
  • Sketching out websites using my massive collection of art supplies I’ll finally get to use

Note: before I finished writing this post, I signed up for a free Python course on Udemy. So there’s that…