Do the thing that scares you most.

Imagine you’re hanging onto a rope. You’re clinging to this rope for your life, as you hang above a dark pit. You cannot see what is at the bottom of this pit, you can’t hear it, smell it, touch it or taste it.

You’ve heard that at the very bottom lies a massive pile of riches, your soul mate, and a book containing instructions on how to fulfill your life’s purpose.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting down there, in the darkness. And you can have all of it…

But you have to let go of the rope.

Most of us cling to the rope. We might try to lower ourselves down, to find a flashlight to peer into the darkness, to ask the others dangling around us if they’ve ever been. We try to ease our way into the darkness, not fully trusting the safety of it, never wanting to let go of the rope that is keeping us safe, without realizing that it is actually only keeping us away from what we want most.

We fear the darkness. We create fantasies and stories about what lies beneath to keep ourselves and the others dangling nearby up on that rope. To keep us afraid of the darkness. To keep us in the light, where we know we’re okay.

The others have gone, they let go and they never came back. We make fictional monsters in our minds that gobble up their souls so that we can understand what we believe to be their untimely demise. We tell the others – be afraid of the darkness. We’ve lost many a rope dangler to the monsters waiting to hold us in their depths.

But there are no monsters.

There is no darkness. There is nothing to fear. You’re dangling on a rope literally inches away from everything you’ve ever wanted, but you’re too afraid of the unknown to let go and have it all.

This isn’t a story, this is your life.

That rope is your comfort zone. That darkness is the unknown path ahead of you. And yes, everything you’ve ever wanted really is down there.

Let go of the rope.