You there – yes, you with the business. That entrepreneurial itch. Can we talk for a minute? Pull up a chair.

I’m going to share something vulnerable here with you today, because business isn’t all freakin roses and smiley faces 100% of the time. This might be hard to hear from where you are but there is a very important lesson for you as well.

If you and I have ever talked, or you’ve ever read my newsletter/blog/book/anything I’ve written EVER, you’ll hear me talk about how important it is to focus on the outcome your business creates – what you want to create for others – more than what you want to create for yourself.

I’ve talked about how focusing on doing what you love is a recipe for feeling stuck, how thinking about your niche can actually lead you away from your best chance at success, and so on. There are plenty of reasons to do it, not the least of which is that it makes marketing and selling your products and services way freakin easier.

But this week? This week that point showed up to me in one of the most unexpected ways, and it knocked me flat on my knickers.

I was still “A game” with my clients, but behind the scenes I was wandering around like an extra in Zombieland. Aimlessly staggering around waiting to be the punchline of somebody’s joke (or at least that was how it felt.)

Now I have a new reason to teach you to focus on the outcome right from the start. But to tell you the whole thing, we have to back up a little bit in the “business process” to where you might be, right now.

If you’re starting or trying to grow a company, you probably have a financial goal in mind. Whether that is to make a billion dollars or just to feed your addiction to designer jeans, you know you gotta make da bank. And this “outcome stuff” seems like it might help make that happen.

That’s okay.

When I say to focus on the outcome, I don’t preface it with “forget about the money!” Money is pretty much an essential part of business, otherwise I would be writing a blog about how to start and grow your own hobby. I get that.

And in the beginning, it is healthy – and even beneficial – to be focused on both your outcome and your financial goals. You need to make X amount of benjamins each month to meet your goal, and you want to do it by giving Y group of people benefit Z. Great!

But there will come a point, my dear sweet entrepreneurial friend, where you are making X amount of benjamins. Your designer jeans are covered (and a few pairs of studded Jimmy Choos, too.) Food in the cupboards, roof over head. You’ve “made it” to your goal.

One of three things is likely to happen in this scenario. Either you’re going to “level up” your goal because your initial goal wasn’t what you *really* wanted, or you’ll decide to make more without a specific lifestyle in mind (which is, by the way, how a lot of rockstars end up in rehab…)


You’ll get an existential kick in the arse like I did.

It didn’t happen in an instant. There has been a steady ebb and flow to this realization for a few months. I would get comfortable, feeling like I had finally reached my goal, then get all panicky for no reason and it would turn into a shit sandwich. But as time went on, the comfortable stretches got longer and the sandwiches got smaller, less smelly, and further in between.

Until finally, late last week, it sunk in. I made it to my goals. I had pretty much crossed everything off of my financial checklist that I wanted to create with my business (except for a circus pony, but the city council just isn’t with me on that one…)

And instead of thinking what I always thought I would be thinking in that scenario (aka “YIPPEE!!! WAHOOO!!! I DID IT!!!!”) I was thinking…

Well, what the f*ck do I do now?

Yes, relief was there and some contentment. I certainly wasn’t miserable, but it was hard to get excited, too. I felt kind of lost and directionless. So much of my life (including my childhood) had been about the pursuit of money that without having to pursue it, I felt kind of empty. Not bad, not good, just – “meh.”

Doing what I do has never been all about the money, I just wanted enough to provide for my family and help people in the process. And I had achieved that.

Yes, I still loved (and love!) working with my clients. Seeing their progress brings me so much joy!  But in between those calls and emails, there was something missing.

And that is why your outcome is important.

You, too, are going to meet your financial goals one day. Yes, you could meet your goal by focusing on “doing what you love.” Or you could meet that goal by doing something you hate, just because it is profitable. But if you focus on your outcome, you get to do what I did.

You get to make your business all about the outcome.

That’s right. Once you reach what I call “sustainability” (meeting that aforementioned financial goal), you get to do whatever you want to help the people you want to help.

You can bring in lower end products and services to make things more accessible. You can give away scholarships, do more interviews or blog posts, start a road tour, hire an agent, write a book… Whatever you want to create your outcome, because it doesn’t have to be about the immediate payoff anymore.

The crazy thing is, once you make that switch, that is typically when businesses go from 5 figures to 6, or 6 figures to 7, and beyond. Without worrying about money, you get to focus purely on providing value – and providing value attracts more people to your business, which brings in more money.

(I’ll bet some of this “Law of Attraction” stuff is really starting to make sense right about now…)

I’m getting excited again.

My client calls… I love my client calls. Hand me the most craptastic day in the history of humanity and I’ll still cheer up when I hear a client making progress. But the rest had started to feel a bit mechanical.

Not anymore. I’ve realized that I have the power to focus 100% on what I want to create for others – and that makes me very, very happy. Jazzed. Ecstatic even!

There are going to be some changes around here over the next 6 months. Some big, some small. All meant to help you achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

The most amazing part? I get the privilege of doing this because I know my outcome. I knew it from day one, what I wanted to create for you. Now I get to realize my full vision with reckless abandon, throwing caution to the wind and doing whatever feels right.

All so that you can do the same some day.

I hope this post has shed some light for you not only on the reason your outcome is the most important part of your business, but on some of the path that may lie ahead for you.

If you’re already focused 100% on what you want to create, great. I’m happy for you!

But if you feel stuck, like you’re on a hamster wheel, just going through the motions… Check back with your outcome. What are you destined to create? That is where the magic happens.

Shine bright, rockstar!