Top 10 Motivational Blog Posts

Feel stuck? Not getting motivated? Today’s post features the best of the best motivational posts from around the web to help you beat procrastination, get things done, stay motivated (even when things suck), and keep moving forward in your business. My apologies for the overlinking to Steve Pavlina, but if you’ve yet to read his articles, you’re missing out on some motivational mindhacking magic!

Enjoy, and don’t forget – if you like a post, make sure to leave a comment on the authors’ blogs. They love that stuff!

1. 1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

This killer piece from Sparkpeople is intended for fitness motivation, but it can be applied to any area of your life. Pay special attention to the section on guilt. When you waste all day surfing Facebook and feel bad about it, it doesn’t need to be the end of your success!

2. How to Wake Up Feeling Totally Alert

Okay, so I’m still mastering this one… I’m an admitted night owl with a serious hate for mornings. But thanks to this and other posts by Steve Pavlina on waking up early, feeling better, and getting more energy, I’m now doing 7:30am regularly and without as much groaning as 10am used to cause. Just be aware, mornings are often more productive – you may end up more successful if you implement this post.

3. How to Set Goals You Will Actually Achieve

In another gem from Steve Pavlina, he teaches you how to properly set goals. This time, however, instead of using “SMART” systems and all of that jazz, he teaches you how to set goals that feel good and actually get you somewhere. I’ve used this with great success – this one post will change your entire perspective on goal setting.

4. Why Should I Set Goals?

Now that we know how to set goals, let’s get’s opinions on why we should – and what might be stopping you. If you’ve been feeling stuck or procrastinating lately, take a look at the section on “Overwhelm” – it might help.

5. How to Find Inspiration

Yes, this is actually on – and normally it is hardly a resource I would consider. But this nice little article gives you 8 quick, easy to digest ideas for when you’re running low on inspiration. When you can’t get inspired, you need something quick and dirty to get you moving again and this little piece will do the trick.

6. What Drives You To Success?

Aside from the absolutely horrid header pattern (sorry), the article itself… Well it is actually kind of a downer. BUT all is not lost. These are the 10 most common motivators to success from the executives who have achieved it. See where you can see yourself. Once you know your true motivation, you’ll find that you can inspire and reward yourself much more effectively.

7. Achieving Peak Motivation

Back to Steve Pavlina’s blog for a little bit of woo-woo – here we have the concept of polarization and the effect it has on motivation. To sum up this concept, we are driven either by love or by fear, and what drives us will dictate how motivated we are and how long we can sustain that motivation. Love conquers all, etc. etc. Check out the article itself for a more in-depth discussion on the concept, and how you can use it to get – well, motivated.

8. Do You Know What You Really Want?

I’ve watched others suffer through this… They had the perfect suburban life all lined up until they realized how much the “American Dream” sucked. I went through a similar version myself with an existential crisis last year. No one is immune to this question, but knowing the answer (and then figuring out what you really do want) can go a long way to motivate you. Check out this short article for a quick tutorial on desire and judgement.

9. Our Limitations Are Self-Imposed

Feel like you can’t do something? Like you’re not the kind of person that ____? Or that _____ doesn’t happen to people like you? Then give this piece a quick read! It will help you understand the differences between real limitations and those that come from your experience and perceptions, so that you can overcome anything that stands in your way.

10. How to Stay Positive When Business is Slow

We’ve all been here… Things just aren’t going (or growing) the way that you want, and it can be tough to stay positive. These 6 quick steps should get you back in your groove and working toward the success you deserve – and a couple of them might even help that success come faster.

So there you have it – my top 10 business motivational posts. Do you have a post on your blog, or someone else’s, that you’ve found especially motivating? Share in the comments!

Make new things possible – love the gap.

Ever since my husband and I met (over 6 years ago now…) we’ve been campers. We camped on Valentine’s Day (in the snow), over long weekends and late nights (in places you could only walk to), and slept 10 feet from gorgeous lakes seen only by the lucky few with a strong enough truck (or legs) to make it there. He even proposed while we were camping – on a cliff, above the river, in the woods. But 4 years ago, just before my oldest daughter was born, that changed.

Camping with a baby seemed like a crazy idea – especially the way we did it, in a tent in the backwoods. Suddenly our camping concerns were less about beer and a view than about diaper changing stations and climate control. Things changed. We decided that before we would go camping again, the kids would be a bit older and we would (gasp) have an RV.

There Was a Gap Between Where We Were and Where We Wanted to Be.

The past 4 years, we’ve moved twice, had another baby, started (and ended) my corporate career, and launched 3 businesses. Each time, there was a gap between where we were and what we wanted – and we closed it. But the RV remained elusive… Until a week ago, when we finally decided to make the leap.

Days and days were spent driving to dealerships, scanning Craigslist, driving for hours to see a tent trailer that turned out to be a piece of… “Junk”. We were almost giving up hope that we were going to close that gap, until we found it.

A 1995 Dutchmen with a toilet, shower, furnace, fridge and sink. Two beds, just the right size. A table and bench for seating and extra sleeping. And it was within budget! We towed it home on Wednesday night, and left on our first camping adventure as a family Thursday morning.

There were hiccups, of course. The winch stopped working – and we had to replace it (in the campground, with borrowed tools!) The showed leaked. The sink overflowed. The roof dropped a quart of water on Darren’s back at 4am Friday. All hiccups, but all fixable. We were camping, and we were in an RV!

But The Gap Remains.

We bought our first tent trailer, and once we make a few repairs it will be everything we need as a family. It would probably last us well into our old age if we took good care of it. No issues.

Pulling into a campground with tents and tent trailers, we felt like real “grown  up” campers. And then we saw it – the 23′ Creek Side bunkhouse we looked at last year. Hard walls. Proper water supply and holding tanks. Bunkbeds for the kids. A bigger fridge and more storage – all with a $20k price tag.

And we wanted it.

There we were, finally sitting in the tent trailer we’d been dreaming of for 4 years, and we wanted to step up. What we had wasn’t enough. And for a moment, I judged myself for feeling that way.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?”

“Shouldn’t you just be happy?”

“This is just rampant consumerism running through your brain!”

But I stopped myself. That was the gap. It never, ever goes away – every time you reach a goal, the gap will show you something newer, bigger, and better on the other side.

Before the tent trailer the Creek Side seemed a million years away, and yet now it is a simple trade in and a few thousand dollars to get an older model and we’re there. It is within reach in a couple of years.

So I loved the gap.

I loved it for showing me what is possible.

For bringing a dream closer to reality.

For reminding me that when we get the Creek Side, I’m going to want something else. A new truck, a bigger RV, a 5th wheel… Something else newer, bigger, better, and closer to my reality from that point.

The Gap Stretches Your Boundaries.

When you were 16, if you were anything like me all you wanted was to get your drivers’ permit. The symbol of freedom – being able to go off on your own somewhere. But once you got it, you probably wanted your own car. And then a better car (better on gas, faster, sexier, whatever your fancy.)

You didn’t just “get your permit” and stop wanting – having your drivers’ permit opened up new possibilities on the other side.

Embrace the gap for everything it is, and everything it shows you. Allow yourself to reach a goal, then revel in “what’s next”. Love the gap.

What is On The Other Side of Your Gap?

I want to hear from you – what is on the other side of your gap? What is your “big goal” – not the meaningless business one, with the numbers and the comparisons… The real emotional goal. Supporting your family? Getting the bigger house? The fancy car? The freedom to buy an RV and take off camping without having to answer to a boss, like I did?

Do you know how to close that gap? I want to show you – so let’s talk. For 15 minutes, I’ll listen to your biggest goals and refine them into a plan that makes sense for you. One you can actually implement (without the frustration and overwhelm of those boxed “systems” you see elsewhere.) Something that is personalized for you, your goals, your future, and your skills.

I’ll show you how to love the gap, and push it further – to stretch the boundaries of your imagination and reach entirely new goals.

And it’s completely free. No cost, no catch. You, me, and a plan to reach your next big thing. Just click here to schedule a time to chat.

See you on the other side…

– Cheryl

How Jessica Oman Overcame Commitment-Phobia to Launch Her Entrepreneurial Journey

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Jessica Oman, one of the most fabulous guests from the Start Something Telesummit who has so graciously decided to share her story here. She tells the true story of how scary it was for her to start her business, to commit to doing the one thing she does well, and shows off her storytelling chops in the process. Read on!

How I Overcame Commitment-Phobia to Launch My Entrepreneurial Journey

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I’m a commitment-phobe.

Actually, maybe it’s a totally obvious fact. Having a party on Saturday? I’ll respond “maybe” on your Facebook event page. Want me on your dragonboat team? Sure, but only as a spare paddler. Thirty day fitness challenge? Yeah, right. I’m lucky if I get through the first week (where’s my wine?).

So when I decided to start my own business, you can probably guess that I wasn’t all in.

The story goes like this: I was in a job I sort of enjoyed, but couldn’t make progress in. I was being paid way below market value. I felt under-appreciated. I had no power to create or improve systems to deliver a better product to the customers. And, I couldn’t use all of the skills I’d spent six years and $40,000 in university tuition (for three degrees) acquiring. It was frustrating, and I had to do something.

I’d thought about starting a business for a while – something that combined my business education with my strong writing skills and allowed me to have complete control over my work while only working with the clients I wanted. But there were two problems: 1) I couldn’t commit to what I specifically wanted to do, and 2) I only had $170 to fund this new venture, whatever it was going to be.

So I did what one who can’t commit to something does: I started advertising on Craigslist for gigs as a “writer and editor for individuals and small businesses”. I didn’t quit my job, of course. I used my $170 to register my business name, get a set of $5 business cards and buy a piece of software that I don’t even use anymore.

It didn’t take long to get my first gig – and it was a big, nasty one. A $3000 project that I thought was my ticket to entrepreneurial freedom. But I let the client take advantage of my willingness to be helpful, and in the end neither of us were happy. I waffled. Should I keep going? Do I suck at this?

In the story you read when you sign up for my newsletter, you read about how I “never looked back” after launching my business. That’s true – but the official launch didn’t happen until three months after this first hairy, difficult project. That’s right; I spent three months going back and forth about whether I should start a business that, today, does nothing else but teach other people how to start businesses!

Ironic, huh?

So believe me, if you’re thinking about starting a new company and you’re scared to commit, I get it. That was me, too. The thing that ultimately pushed me into entrepreneurship was simply this: the pain of staying at my job or looking for another one was greater than the pain of just quitting and getting on with what I really wanted to do.

When The Pain is Too Great, You Must Commit

This is what I always tell my clients now. When they’re unfocused, indecisive, or scared, I ask them to visualize the new bliss. What is life going to be like when you become an entrepreneur? If your business fails, is that worse than staying in your current situation? If it’s not – then do it. Start something.

It’s not that you can’t pivot once you’re in the throes of owning a business. It’s not that you can’t go back to a regular job if you want to or need to. It’s that while you’re doing this thing, you need to be all in if you want to experience all the success you envision today.

I used those Craigslist ads to learn more about the types of clients I wanted, so I could more clearly define them for myself and refine my business to serve them better. I’m no longer a “writer and editor for individuals and small businesses”. I’m a business planner who trains new entrepreneurs in health care, food, or service-based specialties to plan and launch successful and profitable small companies.

And you can guarantee I’m committed to that.