Open-for-BusinessIn last week’s post, we talked about launching your business quickly by finding a service-based offering that fulfills the same need as the product you want to develop. This week, we’re going to talk about how to actually launch your service-based business quickly and awesomely (in a way that doesn’t lead to more overwhelm, frustration, information overload, and – you know – bad stuff in general.)

Are you ready to get clients or customers for your service-based business this week? There are a few quick things you need to do…

1. Get clear on your outcome. What is it that you do for people? What problem does it solve? Don’t focus on the solution (your service), focus on the problem (why someone would buy your service.) Get completely clear on the problem you solve, the emotions around it, the people who have it, and the people you want to help. Be passionate about solving this problem!

2. Create an initial offering that knocks their socks off. You know that one little gem you have – the one thing you do for paying clients that makes people say “wow”, burst into tears of joy, or just generally freak out in the presence of your awesomeness? Find a way to do that – for free. Yep, give away your biggest and most powerful tool. This won’t solve their whole problem (it never does), but what you share will likely show your ideal clients that a) their problem can be solved and b) you can help them do it.

3. Figure out where the people you want to help are looking for an answer right freakin’ now! I don’t mean where they hang out, I mean when someone is in a panic about solving the problem you solve, where do they go? What do they do? If someone is mid-breakdown because they want this problem solved really badly, where do they turn? This isn’t as hard as you think. If you’re really hungry, you go to the restaurant instead of the grocery store. If you’re really fed up with your dog making a mess on the carpet, you go to the pet store for a solution to make him stay away. Where are your rabid, hungry buyers already looking for a solution?

4. Go there. Physically, virtually, whatever suits your fancy – it doesn’t matter. You get out of this what you put into it. If someone is in buying mode, looking to solve a problem, you want to be where they are. Professional service people like VAs, writers, etc. this is your time to start checking Craigslist, Elance and oDesk! I have even found coaching clients on oDesk. I have friends and family who found six-figure writing contracts on Craigslist. Not kidding. Go where the buyers are already looking for you.

5. Master the sales conversation. This part is a bit big for a blog post, but here is the general gist of it: Ask them what they really want. Get them to share it all with you – every detail, every thought, every emotion. Make them feel really good thinking about what they want. Ask what is stopping them from having it. Ask what it is costing them not to have it. Have them describe what it would do for them if they could overcome those challenges and get what they want. Ask how committed they are to getting it on a scale of 1-10.

Then say, “You know – I’ve helped a lot of people just like you get those kinds of results. I actually have a program designed for people in your situation, with your challenges and your goals. Would you like to hear about it?” Lay it all out – the benefits of what you do, asking if they think it would be helpful along the way. When they ask about the cost, offer a money-back guarantee first, then state your price. If they object, call them on it – they told you it was important, but they’re not willing to invest their time/money/whatever. Is it really that important?

6. Repeat #4 as often as necessary. Use the 5 circles of marketing to find 5 different ways to reach your target audience for maximum results. Guest blog posts, forums, groups, networking meetings, events, whatever you can do to get in front of buyers – do it.

7. Ask for help and feedback. This is not the time to be the standoff-ish expert, ask for feedback and genuinely care about what people tell you! Ask your friends, family, colleagues, whoever you can for referrals. Get on the phone with as many people as you can to ask about their challenges and obstacles so you can shape your offering. Practice your initial offering talk, session, what have you on anyone who will listen. Post on your groups and forums looking for feedback on your content. Ask for help! Be humble. This is you, standing in your commitment to make your business work. If you don’t share with those who love and support you now, when will you?

This will launch your business quickly. Period.

Planning comes later. Business cards might be helpful, but don’t agonize over them. Even your website can come later if it stops you – you can launch and generate revenue, get clients, this *week* if you really implement this process. Don’t wait – start something!

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