Today I stand before you (digitally of course) to share with you a confession.

You know I am a business mentor, you know I have years of experience and that I love what I do. You know I have blogged about mindset and the law of attraction a bit, but as you may have noticed from the changes on the site…

I am an intuitive.

You could say psychic, six-sensory, energy worker, light worker, or any other number of other terms. The bottom line is, I see, hear, understand, and am given information that others do not have access to. I read tarot cards, I am developing my skills in palmistry, I am a Certified Master Law of Attraction Practitioner, I am a medium, and I work with chakras and other forms of energy.

To be honest, the very idea of sharing this left me quaking in my spaceboots. The common perception of “psychics” and “intuitives” ranges from gifted spiritual practitioner to downright fraud. Obviously I do not want to be perceived as a fraud, or have this damage my credibility in some way, but I had to come out.

I stand here, on this website, and advise you to be your true and full self. To fulfill a specific mission with your business. And so, I must do the same.

My gift is to see where you are blocked – your blind spots. The things you don’t realize are impacting your success. Things from your past, from your family, from your upbringing or your social life. I can show you what you’re aligned to right now – and how to shift that to what you really want. Then I add expert business strategy to that vision, leaving you both successful and fulfilled.

I’ve enjoyed the benefits of these gifts as a medium since I was a child. I have explored spiritual arts such as tarot, palmistry, chakras and energy work since a teen. And I stand here today in front of you, my readers, with a new and true title for myself:

The Intuitive Business Mentor.

I am here to walk you through the business systems I have designed through all of my years of experience.

I am here to show you a business model that creates value, launches fast, and creates success like a machine.

I am here showing you that it is okay for you to want to make money. (Yes, even you.)

And I am here as an intuitive guide – someone who can illuminate the darkness. Someone who can help you answer the questions, “What do I do first? What do I do next?” Someone who can give you access to your own intuition, your own guidance, your own spiritual self to create your business as it is meant to be. The only way it can be if it will ever be successful.

Let your freak flag fly.

When I first posted about this on Facebook in a private group, I was mortified. I sat in a dark room, shaking and waiting for the onslaught of crushing comments to begin. Instead, I had dozens of people respond not only with support – but with interest. People who wanted to hear more, to work with me, to gain access to what I had.

I was fearing their criticism, but when I truly put myself out there, I got nothing but love and encouragement.

Friends, I want you to do the same.

What part of yourself are you afraid of putting out in the open?

What part of your true self have you held back from incorporating into your business?

What part of yourself is in hiding, waiting to fly free?

Let it out. Share it. Do something with it. Let your freak flag fly. You never know how it might be embraced…

And if you’re interested in hearing what my intuition and guidance can do for your biz? Well you can find that over here.

Shine bright,

– Cheryl