I have a special request, all. This is going to be very blunt, but just stay with me.

Can we please stop making everything so f***ing complicated?

I mean everything. The marketing methods we use, the launch sequences we do for our products, the things we need in place before we give ourselves the permission to launch our business, the titles we give our products and programs, the schedules we give ourselves…

It’s all so… Complicated.

Why does a launch sequence have to be 10 events and thousands of subscribers before we consider it a success?

Why do we need everything to be perfect, absolutely perfect, before we’re willing to give ourselves permission to try?

Why does our website need to look like a million dollars before we’re willing to try to make our first buck?

Why the cute and clever headlines and product names with alliteration and puns and metaphors?

Why the flowery language? Why the buzzwords and meaningless nonsense in our messages?

Why 6 different social networks? Why 12 email lists?


It’s time to get simple again, my friends.

It’s time to put yourself out there, no matter how perfect or imperfect things are, or how “ready” you feel you are. Stop waiting for everything to be 100% – it never will. Just do it.

It’s time to ditch the cute and clever, the alliterations and puns and metaphors, and be blunt. It’s time to call your flagship product what it is. Nobody wants “Super Fantastic Problem Rescue SOS!” They want “Problem Solved.”

It’s time to stop spending months planning a huge launch before ever trying to sell a thing, and just get out there and start something. You can always call it a soft launch and do a “launch event” later.

It’s time to stop saying “heart-centered”, “soul-filled”, “passionate”, “empowering”, “vision statement” and all of that other flowery, meaningless, buzzword language. Everyone is heart-centered, everyone is soul-filled, everyone is passionate, every product should be empowering and every statement should have vision. Say what you mean, and mean what you say.

It’s time to simplify your list segmentation. With technology these days, if it is important to send something *only* to a specific demographic, region, gender, household income, or even hair color – you can do it. If everyone on every list has expressed an interest in what you have to say, combine it all. You’ll win some, you’ll lose some, but you’ll make sharing what matters a much simpler endeavour.

It’s time to simplify your marketing. Stop doing everything that everyone says you should do. Hate Facebook? Drop it! Bored by Twitter? Let it go! Mystified by PR? Leave it to the pros. Do the things that feel good to you when spreading your message, and just drop the rest. And while you’re at it, pair it down to the five things that feel *really* good. There is no reason to bounce between 100 tasks.

It’s time to let go of complication. It’s time to simplify. It’s time to consider every visitor, every subscriber, every event attendee and every client a success. It’s time to celebrate more and analyze less, implement more, procrastinate less, embrace entrepreneurship as a way of life, forget perfectionism and embrace the evolution of your ideas.

It’s time to get back to basics, get out there, and just…

Start something.