I was reading a post today on the Copyblogger blog, and this portion really caught my attention as something that I want to share with you:

There’s a lot of smarmy social media kool-aid out there about authenticity. That’s not what we’re talking about.

What we’re talking about this this: No one will care about your meaningful, sticky message if it smells like bullshit.

If your readers suspect you’re trying to sell them something they don’t want — whether it’s a product or an idea — you’ll lose their attention forever.

That’s why your words must be authentic.

“Authentic” doesn’t have to mean sharing intimate details of your personal life. (In fact, if you could refrain from letting us know what your cat had for breakfast, that would be awesome.)

But it does mean that you have to believe in what you’re writing. You have to let a piece of yourself shine through in your words.

You have to give a damn.

World-changing writers and copywriters both let authenticity into their writing.

Bingo. That is exactly what I’m talking about when I tell you to be authentic with your marketing and the way you communicate. You don’t have to share irrelevant details of your life, but you want to feel like every piece of communication that you create contains a piece of yourself.

Because when you feel like you are giving away a piece of yourself in your writing, chances are that you have written something meaningful. Something that people can relate to and feel engaged with.

We both know that you do give a damn about what you’re sharing with the world, otherwise you wouldn’t be here trying to learn how to share it more effectively.

Just remember, it has to show. Your passion and your desire to share yourself with the world has to come through.

Otherwise – well, otherwise you’re just using another “tactic” to persuade people. They’ll see right through it, move on, and never come back.

Go ahead and check out the full post on the CopyBlogger site – it is called “How to be a World-Changing Writer“, and is well worth the read.

– Cheryl