In the face of any and all adversity…

That is a mantra I keep repeating to myself.

What are my goals?

What is important to me?

What do I value?

What do I believe in?

Today, I have three separate projects to work on that require immense amounts of focus and attention – all while keeping in mind the looming need for family time on Halloween. My back is sore, my shoulders are tight, my stomach in knots fearing the worst about several bills coming due that have yet to be paid – and yet, in the face of any and all adversity… I just keep working on what matters to me.

What matters to me is my family, and entrepreneurs. YOU matter to me. Your success matters to me. Your ability to make a living while doing something you love matters to me.

So instead of a trick, I’d like to offer a treat. What is your most pressing entrepreneurial question? Post it in the comments here, and I’ll gladly give you the best advice I can.

Hopefully that advice will allow you to continue on – in the face of any and all adversity.

Affirmations, Manifestation, Goals and Personal Power

Today I had the experience of discovering my own personal power.

Hubby and I have been working on our “pretirement” vision of our life. What would that look like? Family time, travel, community contribution, outdoor time, friends, entertaining, and fun.

We had been toying with the idea of going to Alberta to visit family for Thanksgiving for awhile now. The opportunity came up to go with my in-laws, but there were obstacles… First, we had to have the money to go. Then, they didn’t have the money unless we were able to contribute more. Through it all, we persevered, kept our intention to go, and so – we’re leaving Saturday morning.

Considering this will be our first trip anywhere since July 2008, that is a pretty big change for us. And we just created it – set our intention, things fell into place, obstacles came up and were overcome, and now we’re going. Simple as that.

I’m almost done my work for the day, restoring integrity with my client work. I’m almost done the things I have been procrastinating on for weeks! It’s an awesome feeling. I still have a few hours to go, but it will be done before I turn in.

Again today, I didn’t create a financial miracle. I was in a disempowering place all day. I have a goal of restoring integrity with all of our financial obligations – getting our bills up to date. It is bringing up a lot of issues for me. I feel like I am a “bad person” for letting things get this out of hand, for compromising our financial situation this badly.

Right now, all told, I am probably $30,000 out of it – between old debt and currently behind bills. It is huge for me to even admit that publicly. No one really knows how far gone my personal financial situation really is.

And I will restore integrity there. I am powerful enough to create that.

Tomorrow is the day I create a financial miracle for our family. I will manifest $1,000 to pay an upcoming bill and cover some more expenses for our trip. That might even allow us to *gasp* *shock* go out for an adult meal with my brother in-law, leaving lil’ girl and my nephew, or go to a show, or do the tourist thing and visit some attractions. Maybe even take the kids out!

I know this is going to happen, and the neat thing is – I have no resistance to it. I say “I will manifest $1000 tomorrow” and my mind doesn’t tell me no, or that it is impossible, or that it is a huge number. There is complete silence in my mind. Which tells me that something is right about what I’m doing.

That is all for now… Back to work for me! Getting all of this work done tonight will really free up my mind to enjoy my first real vacation in 3 years. That is a long time to go without any R&R!

To the possibility of… possibility.

 – C

Today was a perfectly imperfect day

There were roadblocks… There was almost a crying fit (yes, I’ll admit it… Even in today’s “if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, you can’t be emotional” world, I will admit to almost crying today.) I yelled at myself, almost gave up, and didn’t meet one of my goals.

But I met the other two.

I made three uncomfortable phonecalls today – one of which is resulting in a followup on Friday with one of the most influential organizations in our town.

I did yoga this morning, followed by a session of meditation – focusing on my power and my ability to create.

The only thing I didn’t do today was create a financial miracle. I can feel it in the works, and I know that this is coming from a lack mentality but – we really need it. There are bills that need to be paid in the next week, and something has to happen to get those paid.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting with the most influential tourism entity in our local area, to get feedback on our idea and concept, and perhaps even see if they would like to be involved.

My goal is to rock that meeting in a powerful way – unattached to the outcome, but knowing that something amazing will come from it.

My only other goal for tomorrow is to restore integrity with my client work. To complete the projects I have been procrastinating on before I go for that meeting (but after yoga and meditation, of course.)

Right now, this is all about small steps. Making baby steps to my pretirement life. That meeting tomorrow is the biggest baby step we’ve made so far – and I’ll continue the progress I’ve made with my own peaceful mind and attention.

Tomorrow is a big, full day – but I have time to do it all. To be sure of this, I’m going to bed now – at just after 10pm, far earlier than I usually do. I have to begin taking responsibility for my own pattern of staying up late to “enjoy life” and waking up late, which ends up creating a shortage of time.

So goodnight, blogging world. Here is to a fulfilling tomorrow.

 – C

Today is a perfect day.

Those are the words I started my day with today. After my less-than-stellar evening last night, I decided to make today the perfect day. To focus on the things that are important to me, and live a fulfilling, joyful day in my life.

I’ve already met one of my objectives for the day – I did yoga and meditated.

Now, of course that looks very different from what it did in the land before babies. Before my daughter was born, I used to be able to sit down and meditate around the house whenever I felt like it. This time, I set aside a special time, I occupied her with toys and breakfast, went into the other room and got through all of my yoga – I felt great!

Then I sat down to meditate, eyes closed, focused on my breathing… Just entering that hyper-relaxed state, only to feel the sensation of a drumstick being played on my head and hear the sweetest little giggle. Even now I’m just laughing thinking about it – she is such a funny little kid.

I sat her down in front of me and got her to practice breathing with me – which she did for a few seconds, before eventually deciding that mommy was being boring and that playing the drumsticks on her own head was more interesting.

Oh yeah, part of this is because we got her a kid’s drum kit for her birthday. She loves it! She’s very musical, and this encourages her. We’re thinking of a keyboard or small piano for Christmas. By the time she hits kindergarden, we’re going to need an entire section of our house for musical instruments! Our electric guitar, her drums, our piano… Whats next, 4 foot bongos and a bass?

I let my lil’ girl play in the rain this morning. She snuck outside while I was getting some fresh air, and I thought to myself “I am about to get her dressed – what would be the harm?”

So I just let her wander out and play in the rain.

She stomped and splashed, licked raindrops, and watched as big drops fell. She loved it! When did we all lose our love of the rain?

Today is my perfect day. It is already perfect. I’m feeling the urge to go back to bed so that nothing ruins this day, but thats not going to happen. I’m going to live this day as perfect as it is, as perfect as it should be.

And I will create a financial miracle today. This is one of my goals over the next two weeks – to create a financial miracle. I have been told that even a small miracle is fine, which I will be open to – I’m not putting a sign on my door saying “only large miracles permitted!” But my focus will be on creating a large miracle. A game changing miracle. A miracle that makes the pay I receive for client work now like I should be using it to buy penny candy.


Because when you’re playing big games – like the ones I would like to play – the resource of money is a big part of the equation. It isn’t the only way, but it is one way – and since I know how to create this way, it is possible that the things I desire will come about this way.

I can create abundance. I am open to whatever opportunities the universe sends my way to live a life of my design with financial abundance.

Practicing the 80/20 Rule as a Way of Life

So yesterday I did this exercise, inspired by the girls over at They are the ones who inspired me to take on this exercise: The Charmed Life Worksheet.

I actually designed it myself as a way to make sense of my life, and figure out where I’m spending my time. According to what they say, I’m probably spending 80% of my time doing things thatgive me 20% of my fulfillment in life – and only 20% of my time doing the things that give me 80% of my fulfillment in life.

So as part of this exercise, I had to write two headings on a piece of paper – on one side, write “What my life looks like now…” and on the other, “What a fulfilling life would look like for me…”

Then answer those questions, and take a long, hard look at the responses. So, here goes – this is me, doing the worksheet, right here on this blog.

What my life looks like now… (In other words, what tasks do I fill my day with.)

  • House work
  • Writing, managing and creating things for clients
  • Sleeping
  • Watching TV
  • Daydreaming
  • Wishing I spent more time with my daughter
  • Cooking dinner if I have the energy
  • About 20-30 minutes of quality time with lil’ girl and hubby.

What a fulfilling life would look like for me… (Or, what I would fill my days with – in a perfect world, if nothing held me back.)

  • All the time I want with hubby and lil’ girl.
  • Lots of time outdoors, travelling, and taking on new adventures.
  • Contributing to my community more.
  • Getting out and meeting new people, connecting with others.
  • Meditating and doing yoga every day.
  • Cooking and baking more.
  • Writing more for myself than for clients.
  • Waking up in the morning actually excited to start the day.

Those activities are fulfilling to me. They bring me joy – they make me happy. And yet it is so obvious that I’m only spending 20% of my time right now actually doing those things. I tell myself I’m too afraid to pick up the phone, go meet new people, network, give presentations, etc. – That I don’t have the money to do a bunch of those things. That I don’t have the time.

The funny thing is, all of that (and more) are possible just by designing the right business in the right way. And we have already done it – the business that hubby and I are creating together will give me all of that. Maybe not directly with certain things, but it will sure leave me the time to do those things.

But here I am instead, hiding behind my keyboard and my excuses. I tell myself that I’m too scared to pick up the phone and start making calls – and even if I did get brave enough to do it, my fear would come through on the phone and sabotage me. I tell myself that I’ve made so many obligations to my existing clients that I couldn’t possibly spend all of my time on this new venture – especially because it won’t succeed.

I actually tell myself it won’t succeed. I’m too afraid to let go of what is working financially to take action on what will work in every area of my life.

But then again, that is what I’m writing about. My journey to pre-tirement, a charmed life, a fulfilling way of being, from the perspective of a real person (me) and real problems.

Confidence is a huge issue for me. It is an issue in the way that I have none.

Other people see me as an eloquent speaker, a powerful communicator, and someone who has a “way with words.” I see my vocabulary as a way for compensating for my lack of confidence that there is actual value in what I have to say.

Other people say that I’m lucky to be doing what I’m doing – to be working from home, my hubby being a stay at home dad, my daughter running around me all day, working in my PJs and supporting my family.

I hate it.

I mean, I love having my daughter and husband around, and not having to deal with bosses and commuting and all of that. But every single day I have to do work that I find unfulfilling, boring, and to be honest, completely miserable – and I have to turn down my daughter’s requests to play, or my husbands requests for time, or my extended family’s requests for time, favours, and attention so that I can continue doing it.

Today is my starting point. Today is the day that I take charge of the direction of my life, and begin moving from this place that I am to the place that I want to be.

Today, I am overweight, inactive, miserable with most of my work, and feel that I don’t get enough time to do the things I enjoy – spending time with my family, being outdoors, exploring my spirituality, writing, etc.

Tomorrow, I am one step closer to living a life that I love. Pretiring – designing my business to suit my life, not to pay for it.

My action steps for tomorrow include actually waking up early and doing yoga, then meditating. And I have to make at least threee phonecalls for our joint business venture. It will be uncomfortable, but I know deep down that I can do it – I just have to get out of my own way.

To a happy and peaceful tomorrow…

 – C