The Desert Billboard Method

I would like to talk a bit today about a method of marketing that is currently being touted as “the next big thing”, “absolutely essential to doing business today”, and “the best investment your business will make this decade.”

Companies around the world are making a good living by telling businesses small and large that this one component will make the biggest difference to their marketing – far more than anything in the past.

Which is all completely true.

It is also only half the story.

You see, even right here where we are located there are talented web design companies ready and willing to create amazing websites for anyone who asks. There are also companies who “manufacture” websites – using templates, they create semi-custom websites that are functional and budget-friendly.

There are website hosting companies who provide amazing value, nearly 100% up-time, and great technical support.

You have domain registration companies like GoDaddy telling you that it is time to get your company online – that the future is on the internet.

Graphic designers offering to create innovative web graphics to make your website attractive.

Copywriters offer to create compelling offers on your website to get people to “Buy Now!”

They all tell you that getting a website is the answer to all of your marketing woes.

This method is what I affectionately call “The Desert Billboard Method”

You see, while they are all great at what they do, they are in essence creating you a billboard in the middle of the desert.

The web host and domain name registrars sell you the land…

The web designer builds the billboard…

The graphic designer makes it pretty…

The copywriter gives the billboard the right words…

And then you sit, and you wait for a return on your investment.

Meanwhile, because you have neglected to actually get traffic to drive by your billboard, there isn’t a single eyeball viewing your masterpiece.

Maybe you tell some potential customers about your website, get a few visitors who tell a few friends, and in short order turn it into a digital brochure.

But are you really getting what you were promised?

Is your website bringing you sales, or just helping close sales you would have already had? What if your website could actually be part of your marketing system, rather than a marketing piece?

It is time to make a shift. It is time to go from The Desert Billboard to integrating your online presence into everything you do, and turning it into a real steady stream of business for you. It is time for those hard working web designers, graphic artists, and copywriters to see their work actually generating the revenue they have always wanted it to.

It is time to stop thinking of the internet as an island.

The internet is not a “thing”, it is a medium for communication. A website isĀ  not a brochure, it is a small part of a larger strategy.

For any business to succeed in the digital age, including web design and development companies, there must be a paradigm shift.

If you think your business might be ready for that shift, get a Free Business Analysis.

If you are a web designer or developer, graphic artist, copywriter, or other web professional, we are looking to align with strategic partners like you. We want to help you create something that benefits you, your clients, and the world in general while helping our own firm grow. Give us a call if that sounds interesting to you.

And to everyone else – remember, no man is an island. No website should be one, either.

One year.

So, it has been over a year since I started this blog last April. Back then, I was pregnant, neurotic, creative, and needing an outlet. Today I am watching my daughter’s first birthday approaching with what could only be described as a mix of trepidation, excitement, and nausea.

She can’t be one. No. She is still a tiny baby, wrapped up in my arms. Toddler? Never!

*sigh* Okay, so she is going to be a year old soon. Even now my maternity leave would be ending, even though I never really had one. I’m working frantically to gain new freelance work, but have just now discovered that every proposal I’ve sent to a Craigslist or oDesk gig posting hasn’t even been received. The fact that out of over 15 proposals I had never even received a response was beginning to affect my self esteem until I realized that, and now I’m simply frustrated and *still* have only a few things on my calendar.

I have committed to bringing in $3000/month through my freelance business, while doing daycare for my best friend’s daughter and caring for my daughter, while hubby works outside of the home, and taking care of the house. Am I taking on too much?

I feel like I can never sleep, and I’m losing weight at a rate of close to 2 lbs/day. Then again, the last part of that I don’t entirely hate…

Am I alone? Please tell me I’m not alone…