So we’re taking a bit of time today to let you know what is coming down the pipeline from us at BCWebMedia.

First, we’re going to be running a 30 day blogging challenge soon. For FREE, we’ll challenge you to blog every day for 30 days. You’ll learn a lot about yourself, your blog, and your business in the process – and maybe even blog more regularly by the end! We’ll also be offering tips on getting your blog into shape (and services to help you do it) before the challenge starts, so watch out if you’re interested in improving your blogging!

Second, we’ll be launching a free ecourse and several free reports via email in the coming weeks. Make sure you subscribe to our email list for updates if you’d like to receive them!

We’ll also be launching a series of inexpensive (and more detailed) ebooks, as well as setting up the framework for our future teleseminars and web conferences.

As an added bonus, when we launch our 30 day blogging challenge, we’ll also be launching our coaching structure. So make sure you watch this blog if you’d like to see what that is all about!

In short, we have a bunch of resources headed your way – from freebies to paid resources, emails to ebooks, challenges to coaching, we’ve got so much information coming out in the next two months it will make your head spin.

So we’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – watch this space for more!