Creating an Empowering Context

You can create an empowering context around anything, if you really want to.

Take the discrimination issue – they became pretty set in their rule, and denied us access to the Forum with Isabella. But rather than fight them on it (so that they resent my attendance even if I win), I worked with them.

Hubbster and I discovered something about ourselves – we really enjoy working with each other. When everyone else was saying “well, just let him go and you can go when Izzy is old enough”, we were saying “but we both value the experience equally – we want to attend together!”

We also determined that we feed off of each other in all aspects of professional development, especially with life changing things like the Landmark Forum. Neither of us would get the full benefit if we couldn’t discuss things later. And we would be resenting each other for not being able to participate together.

So Landmark is holding our deposit longer than they would for others, until Isabella is old enough to stay in childcare and we can attend together – which may work out even better, as Landmark is supposed to be coming closer to our own home soon. We may be able to send her to a family member for the day, and bring her home at night!

We have created an empowering context around the disappointment of not being able to attend in Vancouver by improving our future experience, continuing to work on ourselves now, and discovering new facets of our relationship in the meantime.

Take that forward into your lives, readers. You can create an empowering context around anything in your lives if you try!

Thanks for your Patience!

We at BCWebMedia are in the middle of revamping our website, our brand, our public image, and yes – our website content. We appreciate your patience while we are in development, and have some amazing things coming your way.

You see, we believe that high-tech and social media marketing should be accessible to all – not just corporations with billion dollar budgets and entire departments dedicated to online branding.

So we’re in the process of revamping our company to focus more on what you have told us you need – more grass-roots, down to earth education on how to use high-tech marketing and social media in real business.

We’re going to be creating things like :

  • Free reports for you to download
  • Courses delivered by email
  • Inexpensive ebooks that you can share with your staff
  • Afternoon, 1 day, and 3 day workshops
  • Ongoing coaching, mentoring, and support.

By the time we’re done revamping, this truly will be a resource for real businesses to be empowered in high-tech marketing in all ways – from smartphones and apps to social media, blogging, and online branding.

You just have to be a little bit patient with us until we get there!

Find your happy.

Find what you want to do, what makes you excited to get up in the morning, what makes you feel good about your work and the value you provide – and do it. Even if you have to start small, just START.

Action breeds action.

Take one tiny step today, and before you know it, if you’re open to it, the universe will align to send you abundant opportunities to keep going, to do more, to get better, and to live your dream.

Dedicate yourself to it. Commit yourself to it. Tell yourself that within 1 year, 1 month, or 1 day even – you want to be doing what you love. And then live, eat, breathe, and dream it until it happens.

Because if you do that – if you fully commit yourself to living your dream – it *will* happen.

You just have to believe in yourself, and find your happy!

We want to do more than just write words and build websites… We want to build brands – create followings – expand companies – and give consumers control over the media in a way that really speaks to them. We want to innovate and create a new form of user-driven advertising and communication.

And thanks to you, out there, living your happy – we can live our happy, too.

Yellow Page Advertising is DEAD…

… so please stop paying for it!

There is a rumor going around right now that spurred this post. A rumor in marketing circles, that AT&T – one of the biggest phone book providers in the US – is no longer going to publish a physical phone book.

While I can’t confirm the rumor, if this IS true I have two guesses as to why…

1) The number of people actually still paying to advertise in phonebooks is no longer justifying the cost of sending them out… OR

2) Google bought AT&T, and you can’t do Adwords in print. (This wouldn’t happen…)

I know which one I would put MY money on.

These days, the only real benefit to purchasing a listing in the yellow pages is getting an online listing. Unless of course your product ONLY serves techno-phobic senior citizens, in which case the yellow pages may in fact be the only way to reach them.

But I’m sure that even they have technologically savvy children and grandchildren who can look things up online for them.

What does this mean? The yellow pages are dying a slow and painful death. The phonebook will be no longer, very soon. In fact, I just received the 2011 phonebook – and it is *half* the thickness of the 2010 book.

Why? Because no one is advertising in it anymore.

They just aren’t getting the ROI that they used to. More and more businesses are just taking the free text listing that comes with their business phone line, and leaving it at that.

If your customers want more information, they can find it online – from places like Google Local, to your online Yellow Pages listings, and even your own website.

We almost lost newspapers. We almost lost television. We’re about to lose the phonebooks. Truly, the internet has changed the way we do business – the internet has changed the world.

Just something to consider next time that Yellow Pages sales rep sends you an email.

New Design!

Yay me! I actually finished the new design!

Huge thanks to the Suffusion theme, a very, very flexible, customizable and easy to use WordPress them for allowing me to create exactly what I imagined!

Anyone have any thoughts about the new theme? Share them below!