Decisions, decisions…

So, while I’m revamping the blog (and I have major ideas in my head that I want to get out here and share!) I would like to redesign the entire look and feel. Make it a bit more bright and cheery around here!

But alas, I suck at finding good WordPress designs for personal blogs. Need a corporate design for your Fortune 500 company? I’ve got a theme that’ll knock your socks off. Building an online store with WP-ecommerce? 1000+ solutions up my sleeve.

My own personal blog? Pfft… Yeah, I can find great themes for this site! NOT

So you, dear readers, need to give me a helping hand here.

I’m going to be doing a review over the next couple of days on some really awesome diaper covers, and as part of that, I’m doing a giveaway.

Instead of making you jump through Twitter hoops and doing a random giveaway, I’m going to make this FUN.

Retweet the post, and link to a neat wordpress theme in the comments. Whichever design I end up using is the winner!

(If I don’t use a design, I’ll draw someone at random!)

Spread the word – I want as many neat themes as I can!

Review and giveaway to follow tomorrow… Oh, and weigh in Wednesday – well, first that got depressing, and I want to do it again this week, but now my sister is moving on the 1st. ALL DAY. And I mean 8:30am to 6PM or later. And with an almost-4-month-old baby girl, it will be darn near impossible to check email let alone weigh myself and write a blog post.

I do, however, have my runners magazine calendar coming, my subscription started, and a whole bunch of other stuff to inspire me – so I guess I had better get going on those post baby weight goals! I’ve started shedding a few more pounds, but… Well, the skin is getting kind of flabby because I’m not strengthening the muscles while I’m losing weight – so that’s gotta change!

Anyway, as I said – review and giveaway tomorrow, so watch this space!

An important lesson was learned today…

… by screwing something up. Royally.

You see, in all of my infinite wisdom as a freelance writer, I had done a lot of things for my husband in his business – all trying to help, of course. But it started to cross a line where I was doing communications on his behalf, and it bit me in the butt big time – and screwed him over a bit.

I suddenly realized, in that moment, that in doing all of this work *for* him, I was violating the number 1 purpose of being a mom – to slowly phase yourself out of “doing for”, by teaching them to “do for themselves”.

So I started teaching instead of doing, and as a result, I’ve witnessed a major breakthrough right in front of my eyes. My hubby is a new person. Instead of turning to me the minute he doesn’t know something, he tries to figure it out himself – and 99% of the time, he succeeds. As a result, he is more confident in his abilities, and is more excited about everything he does. It is like night and day.

I also realized how much I had set aside to make sure that my work got done… Everything from housework, to – yes, this blog. But I think I’ve also discovered another reason I don’t blog as much as I did before. And I think it’s the content…

I originally wanted to blog all about being a work at home mom. I wanted to blog about bouncing baby on my knee while writing proposals, nursing baby on conference calls, and all-in-all, attempting to be the elusive supermom. But then I looked at what I was trying to do, and it just isn’t conducive to who I want to be.

I don’t want to be bouncing baby on my knee to keep her occupied while I work, I want to do it so I can watch her smile. I don’t want to nurse baby and ignore her on the phone, I want to enjoy every minute of this precious time – because it really doesn’t last forever.

I don’t know where my business is headed next. For now, I’m only taking on a limited number of projects – those that really speak to me. And I’m spacing them far apart enough that I still get my baby time, and can fit my projects into nap time. No more sacrificing her childhood for my career – I don’t get that much joy out of it anymore anyway.

What I am doing, though, is overhauling this blog. It needs to be reinvented. Reformatted. Redesigned. I need to make this blog about being a mommy, and share my mommy talents, trials, and tribulations with the world. I need to write about what I’m passionate about – whether that is spit up, diapers, and what Grover did on Sesame Street this week, or crucial issues facing mommies like me every day. I need to write about what I enjoy, what I believe in, and what inspires me – and writing about managing an office space with a playpen in it is not my idea of “inspiring”.

So over the next little while, you’re going to see this blog change. It is going to become that inspired, exciting place all over again. I may even launch a few ebooks for my readers – some free, maybe even some for sale – sharing some of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. That could be anything from a children’s story through to a book on how to launch your own Etsy store – who knows.

The point is, until now this blog has suffered from a lack of inspiration because I wasn’t inspired by the subject matter anymore. But I’m going to change that by being myself, and being a mom.

This isn’t going to be just any mom-blog, this is MY mom blog. And I hope you’ll stick along for the ride!

– Cheryl