Feeling Good About What You Do…

Listen up, moms…

Feeling good is IMPORTANT!

Whether you’re feeling good about your body by exercising and eating right, feeling good about your parenting by doing the very best you can for your kids, feeling good about your house by decorating it and keeping it clean, or feeling good about your cooking by slaving over a home-cooked meal for your family, it is all important to keeping you (and therefore everyone else in your life, hubby and kids included) HAPPY!

There is nothing else that has become more obvious since I became a mom. Keeping yourself fit, healthy, and happy is important to your kids in so many ways! And if your kids are important to you, then you need to become important to yourself, too – and stop letting your own happiness and well-being take a back-seat to everyone else.

And nowhere in life is that more obvious right now than in my work.

Right now, I’m working on improving my value. Yes, my value. I’m trying to contribute more to society as a whole, and give more to each and every one of my clients. My goal is to grow my business beyond just “me” – and to do that, I need to develop a reputation, build up a service I can be proud of, and – tada, guess what? Provide real VALUE!

There are tens of thousands (if not millions) of people in the world who will try and get you into some multi-level marketing scheme the very *minute* you express an interest in being a work at home mom. And you know what? You might be able to find somebody on earth who finds value in buying what some of them sell… And you might actually be happy and fulfilled by sharing Amway or Herbalife products with all of your friends, family, coworkers, strangers, and pretty much everyone else you meet.

But chances are, the very idea of slogging “miracle pills” to your downline for the rest of your life gives you two feelings – one, like you’re ripping people off (i.e. not providing much value) and two, like you’re only doing it for the money. Because really, would you try and sell “Fat Loss Miracle Juice Of The Week” to everyone you know if you weren’t getting paid? I didn’t think so.

But right now, I’m working on a project that allows me to do both. I’m providing value to dozens, potentially hundreds of people at once – while truly enjoying what I’m doing. In fact, I’d probably do it for free if I didn’t have bills. I enjoy it that much, and it is that fulfilling.

I’m helping youth all around my province become entrepreneurs, and discover business success. I can get behind that. And as such, I’m part of an amazing team of people who began the movement and started the events – and they brought me on to help with their website and social media presence.

Now I’m completely refocusing my company to do two things – one, build sites like theirs. Interactive, community building, social networking, commenting, liking, tweeting sites that are 99% user-driven and 100% user accountable. Two, hold my own workshops telling business owners how to do this for themselves. Because not everyone can afford to hire my company to build a website for them.

Once I have systems and processes down for the whole thing, I start hiring people that I can trust to sell the service. Then I begin hiring people I trust to provide the service. Then I hire people I trust to manage the other people I trust, and sit back and preach about the good work that myself and others are doing in the community. Not because it makes me more money, because it won’t matter at that point.

No, I’ll be preaching because I believe in it.

This has been an unbelievable revelation for me. Not only am I happy and actually excited about what I do again, but I’m providing value to others beyond what I ever could have dreamed, contributing to my community in so many ways (because I’m also building one of these sites for an organization I volunteer for, that supports cancer treatment and research, and even donating some of my profits to pay for a member of THAT organization to attend one of the workshops for young entrepreneurs that I’m helping with!), and all while I get to sit here and watch my beautiful little girl grow up day by day.

Trust me, ladies – find your happy.

Find what you want to do, what makes you excited to get up in the morning, what makes you feel good about your work and the value you provide – and do it. Even if you have to start small, just START. Action breeds action. Take one tiny step today, and before you know it, if you’re open to it, the universe will align to send you abundant opportunities to keep going, to do more, to get better, and to live your dream.

Dedicate yourself to it. Commit yourself to it. Tell yourself that within 1 year, 1 month, or 1 day even – you want to be doing what you love. And then live, eat, breathe, and dream it until it happens.

Because if you do that – if you fully commit yourself to living your dream – it *will* happen.

You just have to believe in yourself, and find your happy!

Goal Setting and Business

I’m currently reading a book called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Ecker. Normally I don’t go for a lot of that “if you believe it, it will come” junk, but I picked this book up from my dad, and honestly, I really like it.

Unlike most self help/personal or professional development books that are out there, this is actually based on science that I can believe in. It discusses, in depth, how the conditioning you received as a child (mostly from parents) affect your thoughts about money and success as an adult, and therefore, they affect your actions. As a former sociology student, this is something I can relate to.

The book also discusses what you can do about that conditioning, and make positive changes in your life. And as part of that, I’m setting some goals – some simple ones, mind you, but ones that I believe will have a drastic impact on my life, business, and success.

1. I’m going to stop complaining. Yes, sometimes bad things happen. But dwelling on them only makes things worse. Find the positive in everything, and even if I can’t, at least stop dwelling on the negative. When you stop focusing on how catastrophic everything seems, you can see solutions more clearly.

2. I’m going to set a goal to expand my business beyond its current scope, and provide new services to clients. I want to do more than just write words and build websites… I want to build brands – create followings – expand companies – and give consumers control over the media in a way that really speaks to them. I want to innovate and create a new form of user-driven advertising and communication. As part of that, I’m completely redoing my marketing materials and website, getting some coaching, and setting a goal of a six-figure 2011!

Tell me, readers – do you have goals for your home based business? If not, now might be the time to set some! Tell me your goals in the comments, and maybe I can help! I am in marketing, after all!

When work takes over…

Today, hubby and I experienced for the very first time what it will be like having two businesses and a baby girl. I had a doctor’s appointment, baby was awake and fussing, and hubby had the business phone line installer over – all at the same time. This was after a morning full of phonecalls for him, and a morning full of client website building for me. The afternoon was spent with him sitting at home with baby, while I ran around and picked up office supplies, grabbed groceries, and picked up a jolly jumper (it was on sale, what can I say?!)

To put it mildly, running two businesses out of a household with a 2 month old baby is… Well, its hectic.

There are schedules to coordinate (two professional ones and a personal one), work-life balances to maintain, offices to keep clean even when the “home” part of our house is a mess, baby to contend with during appointments and conference calls… The challenges just don’t end!

But there are so many highlights. Like today, laying on the living room floor with Izzy at noon, playing and cooing and loving my little girl, knowing that yes – even though I get to spend all of this time with her by my side, and with hubby under the same roof, the bills are still going to get paid and life will go on.

Yep, having a job each would be a lot easier sometimes – but its worth it.