We're back!

Sorry for being MIA ladies (and gents), but hubbster and I had a weekend away. I suppose you could say it was our babymoon!

Our first wedding anniversary was July 1st (Canada Day!) and so we decided to go camping. We got a great spot right on the beach at a local lake, and spent the entire weekend just relaxing by the campfire!

I even got to show off my camp-culinary skills, making us some sautéed asparagus, boiled potatoes & mustard crusted salmon on Saturday night!

Of course, everyone around us was paranoid (my family, his family, etc.) with me being 8 months pregnant and us being so far away from civilization (and even cell phone reception… Which was actually a welcome treat!) but the midwife gave us the OK, so I was completely comfortable with it. It was actually really nice to get away, because coming back home felt like “okay, now we have to get ready for baby!”

Unfortunately I’m also procrastinating with many baby things… I’ve finally registered at the hospital, but my 36 week home visit from the midwife is next week and we STILL haven’t finished shopping for the home birth, I don’t have my hospital bag packed, and baby’s crib is still filled with the gifts we received at the baby shower.

In some strange way, it is like doing those last few things is like admitting that yes, baby will be here very soon! I’ve gotten comfortable being pregnant, and this is going to be a big change… Obviously one I’m looking forward to, but a little bit scary with all the new-ness, nonetheless!

Lots of updates this week as I work through my to-do list of home birth shopping, hospital bag packing, buying the last few baby items, washing all of my cloth diapers, and more… Stay tuned!