My blog is going to be featured!

I’m so excited right now, I just found out that my blog is going to be one of the newest featured blogs at!

I’ve been a member of the JustMommies forum community since I was first trying to convince hubbster to start trying for our little baby girl, so to be asked to blog for them is a huge honor – after all, I honestly believe that without everything I learned on their site from other TTC gals, PCOS gals, and mommies, I wouldn’t be sitting here almost 33 weeks pregnant with our little bundle!

I know many of my fellow bloggers started out as Bumpies, so to give you some perspective, this is basically like being asked to blog for – except it is a different website! I know how excited many of you would be if TheBump asked to feature your blog on their site!

You should check out some of the other mommy bloggers over at JustMommies, they’re a fantastic bunch to follow!

WordPress 3.0 is Released!

Well, it is time to update your blogs… The much-anticipated WordPress 3.0 has just been released!

I love WordPress with all my heart. I use it to run almost all of my websites, from client sites to my portfolio to of course, this site right here. It is so versatile, customizable, and easy to use – it would be almost impossible for me to run my business so easily without WordPress.

What are some of my favorite new features of WordPress 3.0?

– The new default theme. TwentyTen is pretty! And pretty functional, too. As far as I can tell, it has a customizable header graphic (it comes with 8 of its own, and you can upload more or use their “header” panel to create a new one!) along with being widget ready (those neat things in your sidebar) and other cool features. Not anything to get too excited about, since it is just the default theme – BUT having a new default theme has been a long time coming!

– Post Tags and Updates are easily accessible. Up until now, post tags were added and changed from within a new post. Now? Post tags have their own menu, just like categories. Updates is also available on your dashboard, so if you have multiple plugins that need updates all at once, you can do them AT THE SAME TIME. Talk about time-saving!

– Built-in shortlink generator. You know all of those URLs that you see that contain,,, etc. that redirect a short URL to a longer one? Well now WordPress will let you do that yourself, from within a new post!

– Custom menu! Finally, you can add whatever you want to your top menu bar, from an individual category, to post tags, pages, posts, and even (HELLO!) custom links! I love this feature…

– WordPress MU merged with WordPress. This might not mean a lot to you, but it is something I am considering switching to. Essentially, it means you can run an entire network of blogs – from 2 to 2000 – from ONE WordPress installation. Yes, you install it once, login once, and you can manage everything from one single control panel. Sweet, no?

There are plenty more features in WordPress 3.0… You should take a look, and upgrade now! Even the new Dashboard is pretty!

Just make sure to back up your existing installation before you upgrade! If you don’t know how to do this, ask your host or use Google – you can find lots of resources on how to properly back things up. You probably won’t need the backup files, but if something goes wrong, you don’t want to lose ALL of your content when you switch over!

Beating Procrastination at Work…

I’m going to be the first one to admit it – the work at home lifestyle is great and all (think of the money you save, no childcare needed, time to clean the house, etc.) – but there are downsides. And obstacles. You really have no social life, like those who have a regular job that get to socialize with their coworkers, you still don’t get to sit around watching TV in your PJs all day, and…

It can be hard to stay motivated sometimes.

Take today, for example. I have – let’s see, five tasks to complete today that are all top-priority type things. I’ve completely overloaded my week, most likely. I know what I have to do to get started (and posting here is one of those things) but it takes so much motivation just to get going, that I’d rather do something else. Like eat. Or nap. Or play on the Wii. Or, in the case of some tasks, nail my foot to a fence.

So how to you stay motivated at work, when “work” is the relaxing environment of home? No boss staring over your shoulder, threatening to fire you if you don’t meet deadlines. It can almost seem like there are no consequences to slacking off. Here some things I’ve discovered about self-motivating as a WAHM that you might find helpful (and hey, you might enjoy them even if you DON’T work from home – we all procrastinate sometimes!)

  1. Start with the easiest thing first. I know, it might sound counter-intuitive – but you’re looking to build momentum here. Start with the simplest task, the one you enjoy doing the most, and get going. Then do a slightly more labour intensive task, then the hardest one of all. And then, save the most enjoyable task (even if it takes a bit more energy) for last – it will serve as a “reward” for when you’re finished! That is why I’m blogging right now. It takes just a few minutes, it is easy, pretty enjoyable, and it will get some momentum going so that the next task is a little bit easier to get started.
  2. Reward yourself. Sure, you’re already rewarding yourself with the fun task at the end of the day – but what else? When you’re having a really tough day, promising to do something nice for yourself at the end can make it all worthwhile. Whether that is just a nice warm bath without the kids, or a full-out spa day, manicure and a new hair-do, you need to reward yourself for a job well done. Maybe even some new fluff is a nice reward!
  3. Feed yourself, take breaks, and live like a normal person. It is easy to starve and go without bathroom breaks and drinks when you have a pressing deadline, but that will only sap your brain power and make it harder to accomplish anything. Keep your energy levels up by snacking on healthy foods, maintaining your fluids, and visiting the ladies room when you need to. Because, as we all know, pregnancy can make a bad bladder WORSE. Even years later…
  4. Get inspired. Get passionate about something. Read a news article that gets you fired up, talk to a friend about an issue that you’re passionate about, and get yourself all riled up. The energy that is created when you start a debate, or read about something that makes you angry, is creative energy that can be funnelled towards your work!

So those are my tips for getting (and staying) motivated as a WAHM. I also use to-do lists, the schedule function of my email program, sticky notes, and hubby coming home as a deadline – but those are all just organizational systems and checks. They’re all pointless if I’m not motivated!

Tell me, readers – what helps you stay motivated when you start getting down in a slump?